We are problem solvers & product builders

Established in 2019, TPS blends the creative spirit of game studios with the strategic insight of consulting firms, evolving from a shared passion for digital products.



Driving digital transformation, we empower businesses to convert ideas into pioneering products & experiences that define the future.

By 2030, we envision a world where every business, regardless of scale or sector, harnesses the power of AI and emerging tech to drive transformative change. Through our strategic sprints and free tools, we aim to democratise access to cutting-edge technologies, ensuring that every idea has the potential to blossom into a solution that elevates industries and enriches societies globally. We believe in a future where technology is universal, accessible, and impactful.


Crafted by experience, driven by innovation

Our unique blend of Design Thinking, Gamification, and Innovation is rooted in our diverse backgrounds, having worked with top game studios and consulting giants. We've proudly collaborated with industry leaders like Boston Consulting Group, PwC, UK Power Networks, and research institutions like Kings College London.


What we stand for


Our commitment to understanding and addressing user needs is at the core of everything we do.


We operate transparently, holding ourselves accountable to our clients, users, and each other.


We remain agile, always learning, and ready to pivot to the needs of the future.


We embrace change, seek the new, and always find creative solutions to complex problems.


We champion co-creation, valuing the combined brilliance of our team and our clients.


We strive for the highest quality in our services and solutions, ensuring that our clients always get the best.


Message from the founders

In today's fast-paced digital world, staying updated with emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) can feel like chasing a moving target. We want to change this narrative and make this journey less daunting and more achievable for business leaders.

We’ve designed strategic sprints, which are short, intense periods of work (2-3 weeks). These agile sprints provide a robust framework to help you flesh out ideas, validate them, and quickly turn them into prototype or products ready to test with your customers.

In today's world, where data and knowledge are abundant, the ability to critically evaluate and apply it is crucial. As emerging technologies drive the digital economy forward, those who embrace these advancements will emerge as industry leaders. Are you ready to be among them?

We are just a message away, ready to transform your digital challenges into success stories. Let’s build the future together.

Andrew & Julien



Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer



Co-founder & Chief Experience Officer

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