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That Product Studio, in a truly collaborative effort with Boston Consulting Group (BCG), embarked on a series of "Enrich" workshops and comprehensive user research. The shared goal was to revamp BCG's knowledge network, fostering confident self-service, informed conversations, and unlocking collaborative potential. This joint effort involved conducting 84 interviews globally and creating actionable strategies for BCG’s evolving complexity in knowledge management. As a result, we identified key pain points in the existing system, developed a more intuitive user interface, and implemented a robust search function, all of which significantly improved the user experience.


BCG faced the challenge of adapting its knowledge management to meet the blurring lines between sectors and increasing client demands for comprehensive, strategy-to-implementation solutions. This included the need to streamline information across various sectors, ensure the relevance and accuracy of the knowledge shared, and facilitate efficient collaboration among teams. The project aimed to create a unified vocabulary and communication strategy, reflecting the interconnected nature of BCG’s markets, clients, and internal dynamics.

Our Role

That Product Studio, with its unparalleled approach and deep expertise, played a crucial role in framing hypotheses and testing prototypes with BCG staff. We created simple clickable prototypes and mockups for various aspects of BCG's internal web pages, such as the knowledge network homepage, topic pages, and search functions for cases, materials, and expertise. Our expertise in user experience design and knowledge management was instrumental in shaping the new system.

“I've worked with That Product Studio on a few different things covering product strategy through to delivery and I can't speak highly enough of the team. They are all dedicated, boundlessly creative, and experts at what they do.”

Steven MacLellan

Steven MacLellan

CPO & Product Owner


The innovation in our approach lay in the detailed, hands-on workshops and tailored user research that brought to light critical insights. This process engaged senior partners and stakeholders in prioritising development improvements and setting a clear roadmap for BCG's internal tools.


Our collaboration with BCG was not just successful; it was genuinely transformative. It deepened our understanding of their needs and led to prioritising development improvements for their knowledge network. This project was mission-critical in assisting BCG in navigating its complex and evolving business environment, showcasing the potential of such collaborations.

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The Future

Our work with a global consulting firm like BCG underscored the paramount importance of thorough user research and the profound impact of tailored workshops. These methods proved instrumental in understanding and addressing complex organisational needs, highlighting their significance in such projects.


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