Enhancing the experience for variable recurring payments


That Product Studio and Ordo Pay embarked on a collaborative journey to enhance their Variable Recurring Payments service through an intuitive and compliant UX design. This joint effort aimed to streamline the user experience while adhering to open banking standards, ultimately contributing to a more efficient and user-friendly service.


The Variable Recurring Payments service presented a unique set of challenges. We needed to design a user interface that was not only visually appealing and intuitive but also rigorously compliant with open banking guidelines. Striking this balance was no easy task, as it required us to navigate the complexities of regulatory requirements while ensuring a streamlined and engaging user experience. Our challenge was to create a UX that facilitated user understanding and ease of use without compromising on the strict standards of open banking protocols.

Our Role

Our role in this project was to lead the UX development, creating prototypes that simulated the user journey. But this was not a solo effort. We worked hand in hand with Ordo's iOS and web development teams, ensuring the designs were not just practical but also viable. Our daily standups fostered a close partnership, allowing for real-time feedback and adjustments.

“Delighted with the deliverables from TPS, which are driving both our internal development and our marketing efforts. The daily updates and flexibility in their approach were key to the project's success.”

Mike Banyard

Mike Banyard

Co-Founder & CPO, Ordo Pay


The UX designs, a testament to our successful collaboration, were seamlessly integrated into Ordo's live client and web applications. This implementation demonstrated their effectiveness and practicality, with user testing and feedback from company stakeholders affirming the positive impact of these designs on the user experience.

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The Future

Our partnership with Ordo was not a one-time project. It's an ongoing commitment to excellence. We have continued to conduct regular UX reviews and engaged in smaller projects, ensuring that the platform remains at the forefront of user-centric design in the open banking space.




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